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Design Team 


The Design Team is responsible for creating the rules and processes of the WA Climate Assembly. 

Zuzanna Nowak

Center for Climate Assemblies 

Nowak researches political systems and works to improve democracy worldwide through deliberative and participatory processes. She holds a degree in International Relations, with a specialty in diplomacy and consular relations. Since 2016 Nowak has been involved (both professionally and voluntarily) in youth work, focusing on intercultural communication, global citizenship, activism, and human rights, as well as organizing local and international events.


She has several years of experience facilitating group processes for participants of various age groups (from teen to 50+). As a facilitator she has supported international exchange programs, capacity-building events, and the initiation phase of the Washington State Climate Assembly. Nowak has four years of experience in leading trainings 

and workshops using non-formal education (NFE) methodology. She authored a thesis on the inclusion of deliberative instruments in global governance for environmental protection.  

Marcin Gerwin, Ph.D.

Center for Climate Assemblies 

Gerwin, Ph.D., designs and coordinates citizens’ assemblies. He is a specialist in sustainable development and deliberative democracy. A graduate of political science.


Author of the books Żywność demokracja 

(Food and Democracy) and Żywność  przyjazna dla klimatu (Climate–friendly food), and a guide to citizens’ assemblies. Apart from working on democracy-related issues, he gives self-care workshops for activists. 

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